We are now doing diaper cakes for mom and dad. These are made from disposable diapers, blankets, towels, pacifiers, toys, outfits, socks, wash clothes, your basic baby needed tools and decorations of your choice (depending on availability). New parents can never have enough diapers. Why not give them a “cake” made from them. These make great gifts for new moms as a baby shower gift or a centerpiece decoration. They have several things to use for the baby on them. It also can help add to the decorations for the party as well. No two are alike since we make them to order.

We need at least a weeks notice in order to have your cake ready for you for your upcoming special design. Give us an idea and we will make it come to life for you. Themed diaper cakes allow you to make this a personalized gift that truly comes from the heart. You give us the idea and we will bring it to life for you. This is one gift that will never be impersonal and the new parents will love the fact that is if full of things they will need for the baby.

Let’s not leave dads out. We can make a daddy “dootie” cake for new fathers as well. Let us know what you would like to see in it, then let us put the creativity together and make it a reality. They can contain things like goggles, a box of disposable gloves, nose plugs, face make, face masks, red bull for energy the next day, beef jerky for the midnight snack while feeding the baby, and any number of things you can think of to make it fun.

We can also provide you with a gender reveal diaper cake, for your gender reveal party. From Simple to detailed, we can do it for you.