This is where you should answer the most common questions prospective customers might have. It’s a good idea to cover things like your return policy, product warranty info, shipping and returns, etc. Check out the examples below.

What’s your return policy?

Return any of our products--no questions asked--within 30 days of purchase. We even pay return shipping.

Do you have customer service?

Of course! Our friendly and knowledgeable customer services reps are available to answer your questions at.

Where are you located?

Best Fun! is located at 8320 Brookville Rd, Suite P - Indianapolis, IN 46239.

What hours is the showroom open?

The Best Fun Inc. showroom is open Monday through Friday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM. We are also open Saturdays from 9:00 AM - 12PM. The showroom is closed on Sundays. During showroom hours, our staff can be reached by calling 317-436-7918.

Best Fun Rental Policy:

Choosing your equipment: Best Fun rents all equipment on a first come first serve basis. Receipt of a quote is NOT a guarantee of equipment Reserved. Once you decide on equipment, we’ll do a rental contract & invoice. We require a deposit of 25% & a signed contract in our office to reserve your equipment. Equipment cannot be held without this. Deposits can be put on credit card by phone to expedite order. The deposit is nonrefundable.
But if you should have to cancel for any reason your do not loose your deposit it just goes towards your next event through Best Fun Inc.

How long do we get to keep Best Fun Inc. Equipment?

The rentals are for up to 6 hours. Long term rental are available for an extra fee. If you pick up equipment either on Friday or Sat we ask that you bring it back before 4:30 on Monday at no extra charge. We do not allow pick up of inflatables.

When and how do I pay?

We accept cash, Company checks payable to "Best Fun Inc.", as well as Master Card & Visa. We will also accept American Express and Discover for a 3% per transaction fee. With in-store pickups, cash will only be accepted with a Credit card on file that will be charged $1.00 to varify the card.

Are there delivery charges?

We offer delivery and set-up within our delivery radius. Any special charges depend on your location and the time and date of the delivery.

How we setup our deliveries times?

We need a 2 hour time window before your event to drop off your equipment and then a time your event ends and we will pickup your equipment anytime after your event ends. If you need an exact delivery time there will be a $100.00 fee added to the balance.

Can I pick up at the store?

Yes, But only Concession Machine, Tables & Chairs, Carnival Games orders can be picked up from our warehouse. We deliver and setup everything else to keep our equipment as safe as possible. Warehouse hours are Monday - Friday 9:30AM - 4:30PM, Saturdays 9:15AM - 11:45AM, and closed Sundays.

When should I place my order?

You are encouraged to give as much notice as possible in order to insure product availability. However, we will always do our best to accommodate last minute orders as well.

What is the charge for long term rentals?

Long term rental rates are available by calling an event specialist.

After I place my order, can I make changes?

Yes, adjustments can be made up until 48 hours prior to delivery. At that time, we ask for the final changes and final payment.

What happens if there is inclement weather?

We ask that you have alternative plans in case of inclement weather. If weather looks bad, we’ll contact you the morning of the event. Please keep in mind inflatable units cannot be operated in winds over 20 mph. As long as you cancel before our driver leaves the warehouse your non-refundable deposit will be applied to any future event for a period of one year. Your deposit is non-refundable, although if you cancel by 6am the day of your event, your deposit will be credited to any future event for an in within the next year.

What are my responsibilities while I have the equipment?

All rental equipment is and remains the property of Best Fun Inc. and is to be used ONLY by you for the event/time for which it is rented. You reserve the equipment for a specific time and are responsible for the rental price, even if you do not use the equipment.

If Items are missing from your order when they are picked up the price to replace the item will be deducted from the Credit Card on File with Best Fun Inc. Unless it is returned in a timely reasonable time period.

You are responsible for keeping the equipment in good condition from the time it is delivered/ until it is pick-up by our driver. You are expected to exercise ordinary care to safeguard the equipment. Equipment must be protected from weather at all times. Any water damage or damage outside normal wear will be subject to additional charges, repair or replacement.

Are set-up and teardown of equipment included with delivery?

Set-up and teardown of tents, dance floors, Inflatable, dunk Tanks is already included in the pricing. Set-up and tear down of Tables and Chairs is available for an additional fee of $.50 to setup each and $.50 to tear down each. Please give us prior notice if you would like our drivers to set-up or teardown equipment.

Will I be refunded if we did not use the equipment we rented?

No, we will not give refunds for un-used equipment. Charges are based on time out, not items used.

What about stairs, elevators, and other obstacles?

All deliveries and pick ups are to first floor locations that the truck can access, unless you specify otherwise. If we arrive to deliver or pick up and encounter stairs or limited access that were not identified when the order was confirmed or if no one is present at the event location, our drivers will call the office for instructions on how to proceed. You will be responsible for any additional charges necessary to address the situation. Our normal procedure is to deliver the equipment to your location and pick it up after your event. We will gladly set up and/or take down our tables and chairs, if you have arranged for us to do so for an additional charge. Tents, staging, pipe and drape, and dance floor pricing includes set-up or take-down charges in normal situations.

What are the recommended emergency procedures?

The following are a few examples and how they can be handled. Please use common sense when an emergency arises as these are only examples to use as a guide.

Loss of Electrical Power

The unit will slowly start to deflate when there is a loss of electrical power.

You will have plenty of time to help your users quickly and safely exit the unit as it takes 30-45 seconds for the unit to deflate. This situation can cause panic unless the adult supervisor stays calm. In case the unit deflates completely with users still inside the unit, all units have two emergency exit flaps located at the top of the unit so users can easily climb out of the unit through the emergency exit.

Check to see if the on/off switch on the blower has been turned off or the blower has become unplugged. If so, plug them back in and the ride will immediately re-inflate.
Contact or have someone contact Marvel Us Parties to check the problem.


Should rain or strong winds arrive, please evacuate the unit as quickly and safely as possible and deflate it.


If the unit becomes damaged while in operation, the procedure is as follows: If the unit becomes punctured or begins to lose air, assist all users from the unit and deflate it. Contact Marvel Us Parties immediately. Do not attempt to continue to operate the unit.


If Best Fun Inc. is not supplying your attendants you will need adult attendants to arrive early enough for a safety briefing. Accidents on equipment generally come from two things: too many participants on unit and unit not kept secured. Attendants should monitor amount of children/adults and make sure they're acting responsibility. They also should periodically check equipment for secureness to ground. Safety briefings are given before all events and we require a signature from customer or representative stating this has been done.
Cleaning Fee

$50.00 if equipment is returned unreasonably dirty (mud, sand, silly string, any food, drink, or candy etc.). A cleaning fee will be charged. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Additional Items

Moonwalk - setup on concrete, asphalt or hard surface - $15.00. Includes: tarp, and sandbags.

We carry $1,000,000 in Liability Insurance. Your organization can be named as an additional insured on the policy for a fee of $100.

Attendant: $25.00 per hour - 4 hours minimum charge $20.00 per hour after 5 or more hours Company picnics $25.00 per hour - flat rate 4 hours minimum.

Final contact:
We generally contact you the week before your event to confirm details. At this time we’ll confirm final payment, method of payment, space requirements, delivery times, etc.

Where will you leave equipment when you deliver?

We will deliver and pickup all of the equipment from a mutually convenient location on the dock or ground level floor. If equipment needs to be taken to or picked up from a specific location or different floor, additional labor charges will be assessed. Please let us know prior to delivery where you would like the items to be placed.

Power requirements:
Customer is responsible for power. Special power requirements will be noted on your contract. Best Fun is NOT liable for problems due to power issues. Generally we need (1) 20 amp circuit for EACH blower. (other items can not be plugged into the same circuit) We furnish one 50′ extension cord. Unit must be placed within 50′ of power source. If you are using a generator, you will need a 2000 watt for each unit.

Set up:
We’ll need someone at the event to show us where to set up. We’ll find out before set up if you’re event is on grass, asphalt, etc. We’ll also need to know if there are sprinkler systems. Also, drivers are required to pick up final payment at set up unless you’ve made arrangements to charge a credit card the previous business day. Failure to make this payment could result in your event being delayed or stopped.

If Best Fun is not supplying your attendants, you will need adult attendants to arrive early enough for a safety briefing. Accidents on equipment generally come from too many participants on unit. Attendants should monitor amount of children/adults and make sure they’re acting responsibly. Safety briefings are given before all events and we require a signature on waiver form from customer or representative accepting equipment.

Customer is responsible for all damages to unit while in your possession. Our driver will have you sign our agreement about that matter.

What happens if there are missing items when we return?

If there are items missing from your order, we will bill you for the replacement cost of those items unless they are returned within a reasonable time frame. The amount charges depends on the quantity and type of items missing.

What happens if we shut down early?

If event is shut down early, please call the phone # on your paperwork or (317)356-2378 to arrange early pick up. There are no refunds due to early pick up for any reason. In case of rain or winds, please shut down unit until they pass & put blower in a covered area. If storm passes quickly, you can re-inflate unit. Make sure to completely dry unit as they’re very slippery when wet.

I am a Non-Profit OrginazationHow do I get taxes taken off our invoice?

We need a copy of your tax exemt forms before we can take the taxes off your invoice. Please fax it to 317-356-2378. Please make sure the cover sheet tells us what evet it is for or we will not know what to credit it to.

Thank you for choosing Best Fun for all your entertainment needs!