A dunk tank rental is one of the best ways to have fun and cool off at your summer party, company picnic, school carnival, or fundraiser. Dunking the school principal, company boss, community leader or just your best friends has become almost an American summer tradition!

This dunk tank will need a few minor repairs. One side of the seat will need to be replaced, the safety fencing around the front needs to be resecured, dunking arm needs a piece to extend it so it fits properly in the screen, and it will need a new screen. Screens can be purchased for around $35 to $50 depending on theme you desire.

You can expect to put around 500 gallons of water in this to fill it. Trailer mounting makes for easy towing and delivery. It sets up in just a couple minutes and is ready to fill. Filling takes around an hour or so.

Asking price on this is $1500 or best offer.