If you are looking for Chivari chairs for your upcoming wedding, we have them. They are available in black, silver, white, gold, mahogany, and natural. We have cushions in black, white, and ivory as well. These are available to rent for $8 each for less than 100. Orders over 100 get a discount of $2 off per chair. This makes them $6 each. We will deliver all to you. Delivery fees vary depending on location. Delivery is typically the day prior to your wedding and pick up is next day. If next day is Sunday, we would prefer to pick up on Monday but can pick up whenever you need us to.

Chivari chairs have become a staple at many weddings and upscale events all over. The design of this beautiful chair has made this the must have chair for elegance at weddings, banquets and other formal gatherings. These chairs go above and beyond to add an extra layer of attractiveness to any occasion.


Chivari Chairs