Santa visits

Christmas is coming soon and we are starting to book dates for visits. What’s a Santa without a Mrs. Claus? Be sure to ask about pricing for her as well. If you would like to book either for your home, daycare, or company Christmas party, now is the time to call.

He is a real bearded Santa and has plenty of experience in what he does. We do everything from home visits, school visits, and corporate parties. The kids will not get the beard off of our guy. He has plenty of entertainment experience to keep the party rolling along. He practices all year long to make sure that Christmas is a magical experience for kids and adults alike.

Santa is doing the traditional visits as well as Santa peeks. What is a Santa peek? The way this works is, you and Santa decide on a specific time when you will be home and the kids will be there as well, you discuss a window that he can peek in and the kids have easy view of him (he also needs a clear escape path to get out safely), he will then start jingling his sleigh bells to draw attention to the area he is. Once the kids see him he leaves. You never know what he may drop in his hurry to get away so he isn’t caught. Could be candy canes, a set of jingle bells, a small gift designated by you, or maybe just some tracks as proof he was there.

We are also offering carrot stops this year. A carrot stop is a lot like a Santa peek but instead of trying to stay hidden, he walks up and knocks on your door, asks if the kids are home because he needs their help. When the kids come to the door, he asks them for a few carrots to feed his reindeer because they are hungry and need food to help him finish his route tonight. Once the carrot exchange is made, Santa leaves to go feed his reindeer. The kids will not see them because they are in a special place so they can sleep and be ready for the long trip they are getting ready to take. This is all decided by you and him prior to his arrival. We want to make this fun and exciting for the kids. Make sure you let the neighbors know because we don’t want anybody arrested…..or worse.

Christmas is a magical time of year for kids and families. We would love to be a part of helping you and your family keep the magic in Christmas. There is nothing more magical than seeing the expression on your child’s face when Santa arrives at your doorstep and knows who they are.